The Center for Culture, Education and Media „Akademac“ is organizing the fourth International Scientific and Professional Conference entitled „The Importance of Media Interpretation for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage“. The conference will be held at the Faculty of Management in Sremski Karlovci on Saturday, September 30, and the official languages of the conference are Serbian and English.

The scientific committee consists of members from 13 countries: Great Britain, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Albania, Cyprus, Russia and Serbia. The project coordinator is Assoc. Dr. Aleksandra Penjišević, and the editor of the collection of works in English is Assoc. Dr. Branislav Sančanin.

A paper in the anthology can have a maximum of two authors. The submission of the topic to the email address is until June 25, 2023, and the deadline for the submission of papers written according to the instructions is August 25, 2023. All papers will be subjected to a double „blind“ review. As in previous years, participants do not pay a registration fee, and authors are provided with a printed edition of the proceedings. Also, the works will be available in electronic form for free download. The collection of works with an international standard book number (ISBN) and a digital identifier (DOI) will be stored and available in the National Library of Serbia and the Library of Matica Srpska, as well as in the libraries of faculties and colleges of social and humanistic orientation with which the „Akademac“ Center has established cooperation .

The co-organizer of the conference is the Faculty of Management in Sremski Karlovci.

The patron of the scientific conference is the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities.


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